What my clients say....

I have always had, what i would say, an unhealthy relationship with food. Thinking food brings comfort and always allowing myself to snack. I got to the point where i was having a great gym routine but ruining my efforts at weekend by overindulging...
I contacted Louise to see if she could help. We had a hypnotherapy session together and i felt the positive effect straight after. Once again, i felt very relaxed and like i had press the « reset » button, ready to start fresh.
I have since then much more self control and couldn’t thank Louise enough.

My best friend got diagnosed with breast cancer and i was going through a very difficult time trying to be her main support and also finding a way to detach myself from the situation.
A few months after, i decided to contact Louise and she immediately offered her help.
After my hypnotherapy session with Louise i felt at peace with the situation, ready to process my friend’s illness, be there for her without feeling like i had to put my life on hold during this difficult moment.
I will be forever grateful for Louise’s help as she opened my eyes on the situation i had trapped myself into and i have since developed this much deeper friendship with my best friend.
I would highly recommend Louise’s services!

I recently approached Louise to see if she could assist with a problem I thought I had with skiing. She immediately advised that she could help and we began addressing the problem.
She had the most gentle and nurturing method that straight away made me feel comfortable. She listened and heard a deeper problem of which I was unaware of. In the small number of sessions that I had with her, not only did we deal with the grief that I had not dealt with from the passing of both parents but also the problem that I had when I originally asked her for help.
She has an intelligent, intuitive technique that calmly promotes healing when you don’t even realise it.  Since I began seeing Louise, I have felt a release of the guilt that I had carried for decades and have found a sense of peace. I can’t thank her enough for the time that she spent helping me.   

One of my biggest fears throughout my career has been presenting in front of audience. I have always shied away from doing this where I could. If I had to present I would get myself in such a state of panic that I would end up ruining all the hard work I had put into preparing for it. I would come away from the ordeal feeling embarrassed and feeling like I had let everyone down. I decided it was time to deal with this fear and enlisted the help of Louise. She was very understanding of my feelings and asked the right questions to ensure I got the most out of my session. I took part in a presentation 2 days after I had received hypnotherapy and a wonderful thing happened. For the first time ever, I wasn't a bag of nerves, I no longer had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I can even say that I actually looked forward to it. Needless to say the presentation was a success.

Louise helped me prepare for major surgery a few weeks ago, as I was struggling to stay calm in the run-up. Louise and I had a consultation in which we discussed the procedure and she offered very helpful advice to help me prior to and after the op. Louise was also kind enough to give me a hypnotherapy session on the eve and I am grateful that I was able to go through with the operation without anxiety and panic as a result. Louise is very professional and the treatment I received really helped me get through a difficult time.

As a person with a debilitating fear of flying I would have had another traumatic and embarrassing experience of being on a plane had Louise not helped me.
The whole experience was excellent from start to finish and the end result was a stress free (no crying!) plane journey, something I wouldn't have believed possible beforehand. I would definitely recommend her it was very positive for me.

For a few years, I have had a fear of flying and illness. Whenever I got worried about these things, I would normally shake heavily, feel anxious and really worried. During my sessions with Louise, we talked about what made me worried and what we could do to help me in these situations. I have been dealing with things much better now and I am not getting myself into a state anymore. Before I had these sessions, I would worry a lot about the things that I feared. I used to get myself in a panic and would normally feel sick and anxious. A few days after my second or third session, I had forgotten my homework for school but I remembered to stay calm and I just rung home and my homework was brought up to my school. Louise taught me to relax and calm myself in the certain situations that we were talking about and also talked to me about what worried me about these things. Me, my Mum and my Dad are extremely thankful and I could not be happier with the way that I am dealing with things now.